Andrei Michael Olson

Andrei Michael Olson

Andrei Michael Olson born January 8th, 1997, in Samara Russia was adopted by us, his loving family, at 6 months old.

He was a chubby, blue-eyed, huge dimples little boy who was meant to be our child. The day we laid eyes on him our life was complete. He was an angel on earth, now an angel in heaven.

Andrei loved riding anything he could from a young age. Bikes, scooters, quads, boats, sleds, tractors. He was an avid sports fan with a huge passion and biggest fan of the Cincinnati Bengal’s football, Boltz hockey team, and Rays baseball team in Florida. He attended many games on his bike tailgating and having the time of his life. He loved baseball and snowboarding as he grew up and found a passion for cars and then his biggest passion 2 years ago was motorcycles. He told us he felt free when riding and felt all his troubles melt away. We always worried about him riding, especially in Florida. Andrei was a waiter in OC, Maryland, and at Cha Cha Coconuts on St. Armand’s Circle in Sarasota FL where he was called their golden boy. He had a huge, huge heart and kind soul and the biggest smile. He loved me, his momma to the ends of the earth, and his dad and precious sister and family and friends. Andrei lit up a room and was full of energy and light. His third eye was fully open.

He had a passion for the homeless here in Florida and would stop and get fast food for anyone he saw on the street or corner. He then at 25 met the love of his life. On Nov 25, 2022, he and his girlfriend, Hope, left our home after a wonderful family dinner and swimming – they were both very hesitant to get on the bike we all remember this. It was very strange. He asked his sister and her boyfriend to follow them home to hang out. I kissed and hugged them both goodbye and they took off. I went to our lanai to fold towels 2 minutes later and I heard the crash behind our home. The rest of the night was nothing but trauma and the nightmare of every parent.

They are together now and probably riding those streets of gold still on 2 wheels. We love and miss them so deeply. Our lives are changed forever.

R.I.P. Andrei and Hope

“Come back if only in a shadow if only in a dream.”
Love your family ❤️ 💔😢💔

Andrei Olson Obituary – Toale Brothers Funeral Home & Crematory – Bradenton Chapel – 2022 (


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