Services and support that help those in crisis
after an accident

Comfort and Assistance to families of motorsport enthusisasts killed in an accident


Each accident will have its own unique circumstances and needs. From the simple items to the much more intense ones, we offer a range of assistance to those in need. 

Gestures of sympathy and compassion

We offer handwritten personalized cards of sympathy, place flowers at memorial sites, organize candlelight vigils, perform basic chores/errands, ensure services are attended, provide guidance and final affairs assistance. 

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Sympathy Cards

Our volunteers inscribe each card with heartfelt compassion for the family during their time of loss. The cards are of high quality and the notations inside are filled with substance and grace. 

Memorial Sites and Services

Remembrance of the fallen is elemental to our organization. The rapid reponse needed is met with logistical tactfulness and execution by our network of volunteers.

Chore and Errands

Handling the basics for those grieving is a paramount call to action for Gears in Heaven. Simple tasks like taking out trash, mowing grass, or doing a load of laundry, it all helps. Sometimes it is the little things that make the most impact.

Final Affairs resources

The paperwork is overwhelming. The phone calls, emails, and in person visits necessary to finalize the affairs of those taken by tragedy is staggering. The system is very difficult to navigate, even greater when grieving. We assist with guidance through the probate, banking and creditor process. The companies all have experience daily with the system, the families none. We are there to bridge that gap.

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Chores and errands

We all know how difficult it can be to keep up with the daily activity of life. When loss occurs, everything else falls to the wayside. Sometimes getting out of bed for the individuals grieving is a successful day. We offer services to help them maintain themselves adequately.

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A warm conversation can make all the difference. We maintain a variety of platforms to network and engage with those who are in need of help and those willing to offer assistance.

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Peer counseling and mentoring

Connection to individuals with similar experiences is critical to achieving some degree of normalcy. Someone to talk to who actually listens and understands is what is necessary for those facing loss.

"iI am very grateful for the support I received from Gears In Heaven, I can't thank them enough for being there. You made us feel like a true part of the community and helped us gain confidence and motivation again."
- Mark J. -

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